Why The Intuitive Trader?

Trading intuitively is a concept I picked up from the book Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. An excellent book that I would recommend every trader to read at least once in their trading career. For me it is my trading nirvana, and a way of trading that I am endeavouring to achieve.

As Douglas describes, it is the equivalent to having obtained the black belt in martial arts. Where you are so ‘in tune’ with the process that it becomes automatic. The simplest example is that of driving a car. No longer do you need to consider the basic processes of driving – accelerator up, clutch down, change gear, clutch up, accelerator down etc. etc. You just focus on driving safely and anticipating situations that may need your attention. The mechanical processes of trading just happen automatically allowing you to trade on another level. One where you have an intuitive ‘feel’ for what is happening in a market, and because of this, what is likely to happen next.

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t always mean that you are going to be right every time you place a trade, however in my view it provides a significant ‘edge’, and one that will provide sustained profit over time.

I have watched many of the YouTube videos by Peter Webb of Bet Angel and can clearly see and hear the intuitiveness in the way he trades. Peter has been sports trading for many years and obviously has a deep understanding of the way the markets function. He appears to trade like he breaths; many of the processes are so automatic that they free his mind to focus on other issues that require his immediate attention.

So, an intuitive trader I am not yet, however that is my ultimate goal. As I mentioned before, my trading nirvana. Interestingly I Googled nirvana whilst writing this post to check on the definition. In Buddhism, nirvana refers to “…a state in which there is neither suffering, desire nor a sense of self…” which I can also relate to trading. Perhaps another topic for a future post!


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